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My name is spelled as h-a-r-s-h.

In my language, it means happiness.  :D






It's nice to meet you!


(Harsh, pronounced as /hursh/ =  हर्ष = happiness, joy, delight)​​

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Harsh Wardhan

I am a design-led innovator on a mission to make people's lives. 

With a passion for understanding the users, I aim to build valuable experiences, big or small. I also have a knack for making bad jokes that can really make you laugh! And I have been doing both of these for 10+ years.


I believe that great design is one that delivers an emotional experience, and is used; We can achieve it by keeping in the center,  the human.  <3


I love photography, and I use it as a medium to understand people
and places. When I am not working or exploring new destinations,
I am spending time with my family.

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