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Scra2ch 2.0

Creating an online platform for Nail Artists


Scra2ch started as a Facebook page and has evolved into an ever-growing community of nail artists from around the world. It has become an online ecosystem of nail artists and professionals, showcasing their work, learning new ideas as well as interacting with each other at various levels. This ecosystem uses social media and a dedicated website as a platform.


I was involved with the Scra2ch team in transforming the facebook page to a full-fledged online community and creating an engaging online presence for the brand.


Interaction design and strategy,

Team project,

Scra2ch Media Pvt. Ltd.


Photoshop, hand sketching

User Research

We conducted surveys and interviews among various members of the Scra2ch community. Two major findings of the research was:

1) How do you use internet/social-media in relation to nail art?

To browse

nail art designs

Interact with

other nail artists


your work


in contests

Learn new







Other answers to this question fell into the classification as above. We further concluded that the reasons for a nail artist to use the internet (in relation to nail art) can be grouped into two broad categories:

Find - 61%






Show 39% 







Reasons for a nail artist to use internet for their nail-art.

2) What online platform do you use to achieve these?








We realized that if we wanted to make Scra2ch a convergence of the nail artists from across the world, it cannot be a stand-alone website. We had to design an experience which is a convergence of the popular social media Facebook and Instagram on a singular platform with two-way access -social media to the website, website to social media.





Dedicated Website


Scra2ch, while operating solely on social media, used to engage the major stakeholders, the users, with the help of weekly, monthly and seasonal features, contests, online events, and masterclasses. 


As a part of our primary research, we observed nail-artists while they interacted with online content of their interest. This helped us to understand user's priorities and reasons for using certain social media platforms and also their pain points while doing so:

It is easier to share and upload content social media.

Connecting with other nail artists is quick and easy.


It is difficult to manage relevant content to/from different social media platforms. 

Our findings led us to the following question :

How might we create an online experience for nail artists to help them find new designs, learn about new ideas and trends, communicate with other nail artists and showcase their own work efficiently and effortlessly?


(At Scra2ch, I worked on creative strategy for the brand and social media, brand identity and user experience design of the Scra2ch website. Due to the sensitive nature of work and showcase restrictions, only website related work is showcased on this page. Thanks for understanding.)

Idea for website ux:
Infinite scrolling

- Curated feed from various social media

- Engaging activity 

- Present on home page and gallery

Naturally accessible support

We integrated Facebook's messenger service into our website to make it easy contact us; Because it is the most used online mode of communication among our users.

Easy to navigate

Simple navigation with standard and consistent website layout, so that content is easy to find and it is not very overwhelming to the nail artists who are not very tech-savvy.

Social media but not social media

Website is intensely connected with social media for content and connection with the community but is designed in a way to stand as an independent touchpoint for nail artist too.

Hierarchy of content

Content is placed on the website according to the interests of users that we identified during our primary research.

Clean, minimalistic UI

Has been adopted to keep the focus on what matters most, the content, by and for the artists.

Initial brainstorming and sketches

Refined wireframes:

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Final option landing page

Final Option Gallery

Final Design:
"Launch of the new Scra2ch website along with new features resulted in a five-fold increase  in overall community size in six months"

< Landing page with engaging infinity scroll of media feed from across the social media platforms

Gallery page "Lookbook" with daily updated nail art designs

Easy access to Scra2ch via. > Facebook messenger plugin.   

< Consistent engaging, clean and simple user experience across platforms.

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