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Regal Masala Col'D'rinks

Brand experience design  for a  beverage company.


Brand identity re-design for a local beverage shop upscaling to franchise business. 


The Regal Masala Col'd'rinks is a 38 years old, small beverage outlet at a prime location in the city of Jamshedpur, India. This outlet is famous in the region for its mouth-watering spicy beverage and has become a part of the popular youth culture of the city. People of the city not only love the beverage sold here, they are also emotionally attached to the self-made brand, which has emerged in due course of time. 


The main challenge with this project was to project the brand as a new age franchise, reflecting the sensory feeling of bold freshness that the beverage provided to its consumers. 


Branding and visual design,

Individual project,

The Regal Masala Col'D'rinks, Jamshedpur, India


Photoshop, Sketching

Mind map - Understanding the product and brand association:

A consumer survey was done with the help of company associates. In the survey, I asked the customers three simple questions:

1) What comes to your mind when you hear the name of 'The Regal Masala Col'd'rinks'?

2) What comes to your mind/How do you feel when you hear the name of 'The Regal Masala Col'd'rinks'?

3) What is the most prominent flavor that you remember from the beverage?


I created a visual mind map of product associations which was derived from the results of the survey which helped to identify

the brand's character: Bold, attractive & contemporary

Relaxed, fresh

The mind map further helped to derive the shapes and colors for the logo design and brand identity:

Shape selection:
Color derivation:
Text style/typeface selection:
Final design cheat-sheet:
Brand application mockups:
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